What is the AIVC?

Thames Valley IVC is one of over 40 similar clubs throughout the UK (though not all have the word "IVC" in their names).  All the clubs belong to a national co-ordinating body called the AIVC (Association of IVCs).  It's role is to:

  • Encourage and assist the creation of new clubs and the further development of existing ones.
  • Support individual clubs by providing benefits such as: insurance cover, YHA Membership, publicity materials and general help and advice.
  • Enable the various clubs to communicate and work together, including organising joint and national events open to members of all clubs.
  • Carry out activities, such as publicity, at a national level, and provides a national presence and contact point, not least through its website.

The AIVC is run by unpaid volunteers who are members of individual clubs. Committee members are elected by delegates from the individual IVCs at the AIVC Annual Conference.

How is it funded?

The AIVC charges every club an annual levy based on its number of members. The levy is composed of two parts:

  • A general levy to pay for the running of the AIVC, its services, and the Annual Conference. It is debated and agreed at Conference each year.
  • An insurance levy to pay for third party public liability insurance for the club, negotiated by the AIVC.

The Reciprocal Agreement

There is a reciprocal agreement between all the clubs that allows a member who is resident in another club's area to use its facilities and take part in its activities, subject to certain conditions. It also allows members to transfer between clubs. Please ask the ALO for further details if you wish to make use of the agreement.

What are the benefits for our club?

As well as the various benefits to individual members mentioned elsewhere, the AIVC and members of other IVCs have also provided help and ideas for developing and running our club. The AIVC Annual Conference is probably the most useful event in the year for sharing problems, discussing solutions, and, hopefully, coming away with new ideas to improve our club.