How To Join TV IVC

Join our Meetup Group (Free)

We organise and publicise almost all our events through our free Meetup group (, so if you want to join Thames Valley IVC as a Full Member you first need to join the group.   Just go to the address above and click on "Join this group".  If you don't already have a Meetup account (which is free), or aren't logged-in, then you will be asked to "Log in" or "Sign up with email" (which means get a Meetup account).  To "Sign up" you just need to give your name, email address, and as password.  You don't need to give your full name, just one you would like to use within the group.

You are welcome to come to any of the events shown there.  This will give you the opportunity, by sampling events and meeting other members, to decide whether this is a club for you.  After you have been to a few events you will be invited to join as a Full Member of the club.

Alternatively, if you are just interested in finding out more about the club and don't want to join Meetup yet, then you can contact our Membership Secretary (Ralph) by emailing, or phone Ralph on 0118 986 7944.  He will be able to tell you more about the club and any events you are interested in, and put you in contact with the organisers if necessary.  If you send an email could you also give a phone number please so that we can contact you if there any last minute changes to events.

Become a Full Member (£12 per year)

After you have been to a few events our Membership Secretary will ask you for your postal address so that he can send you an application form for full membership of Thames Valley IVC.  The form is fairly brief, asks you to list the types of events in which you are interested in taking part, and also the kind of events you might be able to organise for the club.

Full membership costs just £12 per year, payable in January.  Details of how to pay will be sent with the application form.  If you join part of the way through either  period you will just be charged for the remainder.

When you become a Full Member of the club you will be made an Event Organiser in our Meetup group and so be able to organise events. Full Members are automatically covered by the club's public liability insurance policy when organising events.

As a Full Member you normally won't have to pay for any events in advance, whereas those who aren't Full Members do have to pay for some when they book (e.g. meals, theatre tickets).  As a Full Member of Thames Valley IVC you go on national events organised by the AIVC and other IVCs, including holidays in the UK and abroad, as shown on the AIVC website.