How the Club Is Run

Rules and Regulations

The Club is run in accordance with its Constitution that covers: objectives, membership, management, running meetings, finances, etc.  There are also Standing Orders that govern how General Meetings should be run.  Both can be downloaded as PDF documents by clicking the corresponding links above.

Two other important documents are the Code Of Conduct and the Dispute Guidance Procedure.

The Code Of Conduct is given in the Guidelines section above,  and everybody should read it as they are expected to abide by it.

The Dispute Guidance Procedure only applies in the event of a dispute and is in this section of the website.

The Committee

Much of the running of the club is done by a committee elected at the AGM, who meet as required.  The responsibilities of the members of the committee are:

Chairman Chair meetings (Committee, AGM, EGM).  Oversee smooth running of the club.
Secretary Record and distribute minutes of meetings.  Deal with club correspondence.
Treasurer Look after the finances of the Club and prepare budget and accounts.
Publicity Officer Organise publicity and advertising.
Membership Secretary Introduce new members to the club. Renew existing memberships. Maintain membership database.
ALO (Association Liaison Officer) Liaise with and act as contact for the AIVC and other IVCs. Instigate joint events with neighbouring IVCs
Activities Officer Encourage, advise and co-ordinate members organising events. Ensure a good diary of events.

General Meetings

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is usually held towards the end of October, and a draft AGM Bulletin Supplement that includes the agenda and any motions to be considered is normally distributed at the beginning of October.  All Full Members are welcome to attend, and they can vote on motions.

The Committee may occasionally order an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) if there is some matter that cannot be delayed until the next AGM.


Membership fees for the following year are set at the AGM and are due in January. New members who join during the year pay on a pro-rata basis.

The club is non-profit making.  Most of the income is used to pay for the club’s Meetup group and the server hosting this website and email services.  Some goes towards a subscription to the AIVC, which includes third party insurance for members organising events, and to pay for any costs incurred by any delegate(s) attending the AIVC annual conference or workshop(s). The remainder covers other administrative costs, such as room hire and food for the AGM.