Joining in With Other Local IVCs

Thames Valley IVC cooperates with neighbouring IVCs in two ways that enable our members to meet members of other clubs:

Organising Joint Events

We sometimes plan in advance with neighbouring IVCs to organise joint events with them, often near the boundary of the clubs.  As these events are usually planned well in advance it is possible to avoid clashes with other events in the clubs' calendars and so get the best attendance from both clubs.

Many of these events are organised by members of our club who are also members of the neighbouring club, or who regularly organise events for that club.  However all members of TV IVC are welcome to organise joint events with neighbouring IVCs, especially if they are within easy reach for members of the neighbouring club.

For more advice on organising a joint event with other clubs please contact the TV IVC ALO, well in advance of the planned event if possible to give us time to get together with the other club.

Attending Other Clubs' Events

We sometimes put neighbouring IVCs' events on our Meetup website, either because they could be of special interest to our members or are in or near our area.  Our members are welcome to attend any of these events, but if you contact the organiser please mention that you are a member of Thames Valley IVC to avoid any confusion.

In return we allow neighbouring IVCs to put our events in their bulletin.  We have agreed with Oxfordshire IVC that we can share events in this way without necessarily asking our organisers first. Other IVCs should ask the organisers first, through our ALO.  Please tell the TV IVC bulletin editor if you do not wish your event to be shared in this way, perhaps because it is in your home.

Local Club Contacts

Club/Organisation Comments
Associated IVC Clubs (share events and bulletins with Thames Valley IVC)
Oxfordshire IVC
"We are Oxfordshire's premier social club run by members for the members; this enables us to keep the membership fees at one of the lowest in the county."
Other Neighbouring IVC Groups
Basingstoke Friends
"Basingstoke Friends - where meeting new friends as an adult is much easier than you might think. We are the IVC Social and Leisure Activities Club in Basingstoke and Central Hampshire for professionals and those with similar interests."
London IVC
"Member owned and run, the London InterVarsity Club has for 70 years offered graduates, professionals and those with similar interests a wide and varied programme of social, cultural and sporting events & activities."
Solent Socialising
"Portsmouth IVC is a club for local graduates and professionals (single and married) that offers the opportunity for a wide choice of social events"
Southampton Allsorts
"We are a group of friends who enjoy getting together for a variety of activities. We have monthly pub, pub quiz, and curry nights. Our members also put on other events, including games nights, meals, picnics, walks and cinema."
Surrey Social
"Surrey Social (Part of the AIVC network) is a not-for-profit social and activity club for graduates, professional and like minded people. The club provides its members with a wide variety of social, recreational, cultural and sporting activities."
Swindon IVC
"Multi Activity Social Club. Make friends! Have fun! Enjoy life! Make this the year to zest up your social life! Swindon IVC (Inter Varsity Club) is a lively social activity club, begun in 1980, run by and for its members."