Guidelines for Organising Events

General Advice

When you become a Full Member of the club you are made an Event Organiser on Meetup, and we very much hope that before too long you too will organise an event.  Our Meetup website is a window on the club, and it is more likely to tempt fresh faces if it displays a good mix of activities.  The Committee is always pleased to hear from a member who is prepared to organise one of the popular events, such as a visit to a restaurant, a theatre, a ramble or just a pub evening.  Equally welcome are events of a more unusual nature, some we have had in the past include: a balloon trip, visits to the Pendon model railway museum and to Bletchley Park, and even Championship Croquet!

If you need to book tickets in advance, it is a good idea to get people to commit ahead of time by putting it on the website, and announcing it, well ahead of time.  Personal, but gentle arm-twisting also works wonders.

If you want to put an event on Meetup, but aren't sure how, the next page How to put an event on Meetup has a flowchart to guide you through the various steps involved.