Guidelines for Attending Events


Almost all forthcoming events are put on our Meetup group’s website, if you would like to come please RSVP there as soon as possible.

The more people book early for an event the more likely other people will book to come as well. If not enough people book in time there is always the danger that it might be cancelled.  If an event ever has to be cancelled, or significant details changed, the Host (i.e. event organiser) will email those who have booked already.

If you have to cancel please change your RSVP on Meetup to "Not Going" as soon possible, especially for events where tickets are being bought or places booked.  If you leave it until just before the event the Host might not receive the news in time and could be waiting for you.

Hosts have the right, with good reason, to refuse admission to specific individuals to events in their own homes.

If you are interested in going on any of the national events you can contact the organiser directly, but if you ask our ALO first he may be able to help you get together a group from our club.


Some events, such as theatre visits or meals, have to be booked in advance by the organiser.  If you aren't a Full Member of the club yet (i.e. haven't filled in an application form and paid a membership fee) you may be asked to make a payment when you book.  If you are a Full member you can normally pay at the event, but might still have to pay later if you are unable to attend.

If you can't attend an event you have booked for the organiser will attempt to minimize any financial losses, such as cancellation fee, but you will be liable for any unavoidable costs.


Anybody who participates in club activities does so entirely at their own risk, and Thames Valley IVC accepts no responsibility for personal actions, losses, damage or injury to the participants or their property, howsoever caused.